The Dorper breed was developed in South Africa in the 1930's with the cross breeding of the Blackhead Persian ewes with a Dorset Horn ram.

Dorpers were bred to produce a high quality carcass under extensive conditions, thus have the reputation of rapid weight gain, excellent carcass conformation and fantastic fat distribution. A breed created for the production of meat, as opposed to a sheep that was originally bred for wool, which happens to be used for meat

Dorper sheep can be either Black Dorper - white body with black head and neck, or white (commercial) Dorper, which is white all over.
Not all Dorper sheep follow a uniform pattern with their coloring. Purebred Dorpers will have a white body and black head, but unless pure, they can have patches or be almost totally black.
The Dorpers, whether white or black, is a solid sheep that is small compared to most sheep breeds. It is bare along its belly and legs, also around the breech.

Most well-bred Dorpers are 100% self-shedding, although this may not become apparent until the sheep has reached its' second season of shedding.


The Dorper is one of the only breeds of sheep that is polyoestrus. This means that they are capable of producing young 3 times in 2 years, as opposed to most other breeds that will produce young once per year, usually in late winter/early spring.
Prone to producing twins, they are very protective mothers and if in good condition, they will successfully rear twins with ease.

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We have a small but growing flock of Dorpers which the intent to supply the best bred animals to the market for use in commercial flocks here in the UK and in Europe.
We are in process of importing the best breeding genetics via Australia.

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