The Boer goat is the only goat, in the world, bred for meat. The breed originates from South Africa and is very different in shape to a dairy goat with a more stocky shape with a depth of body ,a broad chest and big rump.

The main use is for crossing with dairy breeds to produce meat for an ever increasing demand for goat meat in the UK. The meat is for the health conscious consumer and suitable for diabetics.

It is low in cholesterol with little fat. The price for the produce has been in the past always better than the price for lamb.

What we do.

Our aim is to breed stud stock for other breeders and producers so we source our genetics carefully to ensure the best traits for the breed.
We do have a supply of meat from our herd for ourselves and for local customers , however our market is for breeding.

We are MV / CAE Accredited
Stock is for sale please look at our 'Sales' page for details.